Monday, 19 August 2013

Caviar Nails

Hi everyone, this is my first blog and is all about how to do a Fish Egg Manicure. All you need for this mani is four items, A block colour (any colour you want, i've used fuschia by Embellish)the MIcro balls (i have used pink mix also from Embellish) a mini funnel (mine came with the caviar) and a small tray.
First you need to apply one coat of your block colour. Then once that is dry you add another coat.
Then whilst the second coat is still wet you cover the whole nail in the microbeads. They need to go all over the nail. If some have clumped together just stroke them off whist it is still wet.
Once that has dried you can put on a top coat (optional) and then there is your finished Caviar Manicure!
Dont forget that you need to put all the beads back in the pot, that is what you use the funnel for but if your microbeads did not come with the funnel then just use some rolled up card or paper.

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